VIBRA present at the ISRPM Congress in Lisbon 2022

ibra 3.0/ Vibra GO Functional Air Vibrations featured at the ISRPM congress in Lisbon, the first post-pandemic event that gathered as many as 3 international congresses, where the scientific program was: ISPRM2022 Motto – Education & Training: inspiring the evolution of PRM

16th ISPRM congress – World Congress
23rd ESPRM – European Congress
22nd SPMRF – Portuguese Congress

Prof. Casale, a world-renowned neurophysiologist who is an expert in pain therapy and has been a profound connoisseur of therapeutic vibrations for more than two decades, conducted the talk entitled:
“Is vibration good for pain? Translating basic science to pain control in rehabilitation – Roberto Casale”.

Professor Casale emphasized how technological evolution has enabled medical-scientific development toward safe and effective therapies, where the direct involvement of the central nervous system, now demonstrated on multiple anatomical and functional levels, expresses the maximum therapeutic potential in a functional key, and no longer focused on localized symptomatology.

This innovative and very important key will further extend the use of Vibra 3.0 and Vibra GO functional air vibrations, shown during the dissertation and defined as the gold standard for functional rehabilitation to seize new therapeutic opportunities in pain therapy and rehabilitation medicine.