Vibra go - transportable device for home use

Technical sheet

Vibra GO is theexclusive transportable version of the Vibra line. It is an innovative device integrated in a carbon fiber in a portable trolley, ideally-suited with a visible gloss finish, CE0476 medical certificate for home use. Vibra GO is the subject of an international patent for theinnovative technology of single-chamber flow modulation with zero air leakage (Z.A.L – Zero Air Leak technology) whose performances and effects are certified.

From the application point of view is capable of maintaining the waveform at all frequencies and the pressure intensity at the set level, independently of the number of outputs or the operating frequency used, allowing Vibra 3.0 performance and enjoyable for any type of patient and objective, even in extremely opposite areas, so as to make the device more versatile and physiological available today.

In the neurological field, in the immediate post-surgical, in the pain therapy, in the prevention in elderly patients where the patient has a low tolerability, the stimulation is perceived as a highly physiological signal, pleasant and immediately effective. In the sports patient during or after a competition, where it is necessary to stimulate more points for the discharge and prevention of the DOMS Vibra GO makes the difference, because it allows having a therapy of the highest level wherever you are, even outside the hospital or ambulatory environment.

hat’s how Vibra GO makes the difference: it is used for home therapies, even under demanding conditions where it is difficult to intervene, directly or in the dressing room or in places equipped for stretching or cool down. It’s easy to use, just open the lid and connect the power cord, it’s ready to use. It issmall, light and easy to carry, like a normaltravel trolley and as such it can be shipped by air in the hold without special permits.

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