Vibra 3.0 and Vibra GO are the only SWISS MADE systems having CE0476 medical certification and Patent Pending. The technological heart of the two devices is theinnovative technology of single-chamber flow modulation with zero air leakage (Z.A.L – Zero Air Leak technology). Thanks to Z.A.L. Technology Vibra 3.0 and Vibra GO are the only capable of provide selective focal vibration by means of airindependently of the number of outputs, up to 29, or the operating frequency used:

  • the same waveform without any distortion,

  • the same frequency provided

  • the same pressure intensity at the set level without any appreciable leak.

Unique features

This unique and certified feature guarantees the correctness of the therapy and allowed personalized treatment under specific therapeutic needs. Z.A.L. technology significantly reduces the level of noise emitted, thereby improving the working environment for the operator and drastically reducing the stress of the patient undergoing.
Two independent microprocessor control systems monitor in real-time the precision and stability of the emission frequency, this being an essential requirement for both therapy and scientific research.


Using special custom tubes, which are long and flexible to also allow treatments involving movement exercises, selective focal vibration is transmitted through specific transducers which adhere to the skin of the patient and allow simultaneous treatment of up to 29 different muscle regions.
The application on the patient is given by cup-shaped or ultra-flat transducers and interchangeable tips for the single applicator pen, with diverse types and dimensions, according to the treatment to be performed. The accessories applied to the patient are designed to make the applications as specific as possible, meeting the needs of both the operator and the patient.


It acts on the CNS allowing FUNCTIONAL therapeutic strategies on the neuromuscular system, unlike all the electromedical used today that work locally on the symptom. The means of interaction with the patient is the AIR, which makes it a safe therapy free of any side effects.


The stability and characteristics of the air vibrations emitted, such as the square wave shape, frequency, and intensity, guarantee application versatility and extraordinary immediate and long-lasting therapeutic results.


The vibrations are at the center of a strong scientific interest for over 40 years, thanks to the VIBRA technology research has given an added boost and has proven extensive use in many applications through clinical trials at universities and international research institutes.


The zero-loss single chamber flow modulator (Z.A.L – Zero Air Leack technology), the accessories for patient applications even during therapeutic exercise, and the manual handpiece are patented in the main countries of the world.

Vibra 3.0

Stands at the top of the VIBRA technologies: suitable for clinical use, outpatient and research range, guarantees high performance that make the difference in all the proposed fields of application.

Vibra 3.0 - electromedical device
Vibra go - transportable device for home use

Vibra Go

Extremely versatile and transportable, allows to bring all the advantages of functional air vibrations out of the rehab center; fit specifically for the world of sports events & elderly home treatments.

Cosmeceutical Products

The line Vibra Skincare was founded to create the best possible synergy between cosmeceutical products and technologies in functional air vibrations, dedicated to centers that follow the VIBRA training for applications in aesthetic medicine and Aesthetic Medicine

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