Vibra is a trademark owned by AD Swiss MedTech SA

AD SWISS MEDTECH SA develops and produces medical devices in rehabilitation, sports and aesthetic field. AD SWISSMEDTECH SA was founded in the April of 2017 in Switzerland to merge the market and technical experiences of their founders for launching an innovative focal selective vibration medical device line SWISS MADE.

AD SWISS MEDTECH SA obtained the following certification:

  • ISO 13485:2016 N0.16282-M

  • CE Medical Certification N0.31494, 31494_1, 31494_2.

On April 21st, 2020 AD Swiss MedTech SA has obtained the official patent for the industrial invention related to Vibra 3.0 and Vibra GO medical devices, with the title of: “Device for the non-invasive treatment of muscular and neuromuscular pathologies and support to aesthetic treatments.”
Furthermore in 2018 the company obtained the PCT for the international patent No. WO 2019/193525

“I have three machines in my clinic and I have come to consider vibration therapy as essential to my working approach as well as a sound investment for my business.”

Francisco Javier Alfonso Valle, owner of the Javier Alfonso clinic - Advanced Scientific Physiotherapy, Coria, Cáceres - Spain

“Vibra has changed my approach to rehabilitation, so much so that I now use three of these instruments in my facility.”

Gianluca Bernabei, Founder and Coordinator of the centre RRF FISIOCREA srl, Consultant since 2012 for Carpi Calcio

“Vibra offers a unique method as regards its capacity for integration in our multiple neurological rehabilitation projects.”

Rocco Salvatore Calabrò, Neurological researcher - I.R.C.C.S. Neuro-lesion Centre Bonino Pulejo-ME

“Before any manual intervention, it improves the quality of the muscle to be treated and enhances the effect of my work.”

Luis Baños, Owner of the Luis Baños PHYSIOTHERAPY AND OSTEOPATHY clinic - Jaén- Spain and consultant to VillaReal FC


AD SWISS MEDTECH SA collaborates with many universities and research institutes.

Our staff

AD SWISS MEDTECH SA employs a staff made up of both internal figures that continuous external collaborations necessary for conducting daily operations in different business divisions. The figures to which the staff refers are:

Claudio Bazzani
Claudio BazzaniCofounder and Sales Director AD Swiss Medtech SA, Project Manager Vibra
Sales manager of prestigious medical technology lines since 1990, almost 15 years ago he understood the potential of functional air vibrations and stubbornly pursued the goal of affirming and spreading them first in Italy, then in the world. He is responsible for the evolution of the Vibra project, culminating today with the founding of AD SWISS MEDTECH SA, dedicated to the development and production of VIBRA technologies.
Filippo SpallettaCofounder and CEO AD Swiss Medtech SA, Development & Manufacturing Director
Electronic Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the development and production of medical equipment, of which over 10 in air vibration technologies, he is Legal Representative of AD SWISS MEDTECH SA.
An experienced designer, he exercises transversal operational roles by coordinating the R&D team in the development of Vibra technologies and directing the production division.
Filippo Spalletta
Claudia Bucci
Claudia BucciCofounder and Quality Manager AD Swiss Medtech SA, Product Manager Vibra
As a Biomedical Engineer and head of regulatory affairs, she has been involved in the Vibra project for 10 years to develop and maintain the high level of synergy between the scientific, technical, regulatory, qualitative and commercial aspects of Vibra technologies. Also inclined to the concept of innovation in the aesthetic sector, she coordinates the team dedicated to its development and training.
Simon Mariani Business Development Manager
Export Manager with twenty years of experience, deals with determination to strategically plan and develop the commercial distribution of the Vibra lines in foreign markets, supporting the Sales Manager in the management of the sales network, and the Quality Manager in carrying out the regulatory procedures necessary to start the marketing of the products Vibra medical devices in new countries.

Work with us

The principles on which we base our foundations are: experience, dynamism and innovation, fundamental elements to make the difference in a sector in strong technological growth and in which prepared figures are needed. This is why we strongly believe in human resources and invest in the training of highly professional figures.


Consult the open positions within AD SWISS MEDTECH SA and if your requirements are in line with what we are looking for, send us your application today!

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